Printing techniques

The printing techniques used at PVI Nederland

Printing techniques are all methods that can be used to reproduce prints. In the following, different techniques of how you can print the colours on a product will be explained.

Digital print

Digital print is a printing technique where the print image gets directly send from a computer to the printer. So no printing plates are necessary. This will give the opportunity to print many prints in a short time and to vary the prints easily. So with this technique you can save a lot of material and time. Digital prints can be printed on vinyl, paper, polypropylene and many more.

Screen print

For the screen print a special screen print frame is required to print the paint or ink through a finely woven tissue. Those areas that remain unprinted will be covered by a template, that will prevent the print coming through the tissue.

Foil print

With the help of foil print is is possible to print on foils. Foil print is based on three different componensts: heat, foil and the pressure. Because of this combination and a stamp made of brass it is possible to print the product you like to be printed.

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