Types of marterial

The types of material used at PVI Nederland

As the producer of many different products we work with different types of material daily to realize the requests of our customers. On this page you get a short overview of the main materials we use to produce our products.


Vinyl is a sythetic plastic which can be used in many different sectors such as the paper-, office- and stationery sector. It is a very strong, robust and durable material which is moisture-resistant. Nevertheless, vinyl is a very cheap material which can be recycled easily. That makes vinyl very environment-friendly. Because of it’s sustainability vinyl doesn’t require many natural resources.


Basically cardboard is thick paper that can be used in many different situations. Cardboard is a material made of pulp, wood pulp and used paper. In the paper-, office- and stationery sector carton is one of the main materials.


Polypropylene (PP)is a very hard, solid and thermally very resilient. More than one third of all sythetic fibres are made of PP. Especially in the paper-, office- and stationary sector it became an essential material because of it’s variety and robustness.

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